Frequently Asked Questions

I have made a reservation online but have received no further contact.

An automated reservation completion notification is sent to the registered e-mail address as soon as a reservation has been made.
If you have received this notification, it means that your reservation has been properly processed.
Please ensure that you read the information provided in this notification email as it contains details of the necessary procedure required to be carried out prior to departure. In this e-mail, you will also find an overview of your booking, your reservation number, and details of your reservation.
If you do not receive this e-mail (1) you may have made an error when registering your e-mail address (2) you may need to adjust your server settings (3) it may have been automatically archived to your spam folder.
First of all, we recommend you check the details that you have registered and check your email server settings.
If there are no problems yet you still do not receive the notification e-mail, please contact our call centre for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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